Why Choose KITE:AI

Build traditional tech skills while also embedding AI learning. Engage in projects that solve real-world challenges. Access insights from professionals and industry visionaries.

Holistic Skill Development:

Experience a comprehensive curriculum fusing Robotics, Computer Science, and AI pushing you to the forefront of technological innovation.

Hands-On Learning Experience:

Engage in real-world projects, from designing, building and programming robots to creating full-stack applications, enhance your creativity and practical problem-solving.

Guidance from Industry Experts:

Benefit from a team of experienced faculty, providing invaluable mentorship and insights into the latest industry trends and breakthroughs.

Career Readiness & Networking:

Develop professional experience through internships, workshops, and collaborative projects, building a solid foundation for future high-tech career opportunities.

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it"
— Alan Kay, Computer Scientist and AM Turing Aware Receipient


Focusing On What Matters Most

Dive into a world where Robotics, Computer Science, and Artificial Intelligence come alive at your fingertips!

The KITE:AI program is like no other—imagine building your own robot, coding the next cool app, or even learning how machines think.

Guided by pros who've been there and done that, and with tons of fun projects and real-world opportunities, you're set for an epic journey into the future of tech.



Universities our students attend

These are a small sampling of the colleges and universities some of our students have attended.


You have options with KITE:AI


Classes/Learning Opportunities


Fabrication 1 & Fabrication 2

  • CAD Design
  • CNC Tooling/Usage/Maintenance
  • Wood Joinery
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Welding
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Computer Science

Classes/Learning Opportunities


Computer Science 1 & Computer Science 2

  • Introduction to CS
  • AP Computer Science A (Java)
  • IB Computer Science SL
  • IB Computer Science HL
  • Full Stack Application Development